FutureCast: Episode 7 Anna Worthington De Matos, founder and CEO of Reykjavik Tool Library

Sharing tools, teaching people how to fix things and also being an activist on reducing waste. Anna moved to Iceland from the UK but is originally from Brazil, we talk about Circular Economy, sustainability and how to reuse tools.

Mussila – Decentralized Music Education

Iceland Venture Studio is leading an investment syndicate in Mussila, the award winning decentralized music learning app. We are doing a deep dive into showing how we make decisions on a team we chose to back. The Mussila team answered the 7 questions that gives you an idea of how they are thinking and where they plan to take Mussila.

Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease

Last week was eventful to say the least. I apparently had a heart attack. Had an angioplasty and was in the hospital for 4 days. I had no big pain but the blocks in my arteries were fixed. Looking forward to getting back to rehabilitation and getting fitter and stronger after the first metal installation on the path to being HomoDeus.

FutureCast: Episode 6 Kathryn Gunnarsson founder and CEO of Geko

The 6th episode of Futurecast was a conversation with Kathryn Gunnarsson the CEO and founder of Geko a talent agency. Kathryn has made Iceland her home and we talk about a number of things related to building a diverse team and leadership.

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