Beth was one of the first academic researchers involved in the early days of the Internet, studying text-based virtual worlds, early messaging platforms and social networks, digital games, and technology for international development. She worked on some of the earliest digital health tools for emerging markets, and started medical device company Shift Labs to build affordable medical devices for global markets. She’s a professor of Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington and active in venture investing as a Senior Venture Partner at Pioneer Fund and a Venture Partner at Pack Ventures, where she’s working to ensure venture contributes to equity on both the financial and the social fronts. 

Beth will moderate the Founders Panel in Startup Iceland 2022. What is not in Beth’s bio is that she is a world traveler and has traveled and lived in Brazil, Japan and Uzbekistan, that I know of. I am excited to have met Beth and we have been talking for a while. I cannot make any announcements yet but watch this space for some juicy news related to Beth and Iceland. Beth is amazing, she has been teaching for over 22 years and while she has been an educator and researcher she founded a company and got that into YC, started working with founders and became an investor. Her understanding of the hacker movement is astonishing and her network spans many startup ecosystems including Africa. I am excited and intrigued by Africa. I really want to get to know the African Entrepreneurs and Founders. I am glad we were able to get her to take time to participate in Startup Iceland.