Berglind is a molecule biologist with an MBA from IESE Barcelona. In 2019, she took the important position of being CEO at ON Power. ON Power is an Icelandic power company that produces and sells electricity to industry and households by harnessing renewable, mainly geothermal, resources. 

ON Power has been focusing on transitioning the Icelandic transportation sector towards more sustainable alternatives. It’s leading the development of electric car infrastructure throughout the country. ON scientists have also developed methods for sequestering greenhouse gases in rocks that support the company’s ambitious climate goals.

ON Power is a part of the ON Geothermal Park which is located 30 kilometres from Reykjavík, next to the Hellisheiði geothermal power station. As a part of the Geothermal park, ON Power has arranged facilities where scientist, entrepreneurs and businesses can connect to and do trials with the local resources.

How the Geothermal Park operates.

The company is one of the main suppliers of electricity and warm geothermal water to the capital region. Part of responding to the climate problem is to focus on better use of resources. The geothermal park is a platform for environmentally friendly activities of startup companies that focus on innovation, better utilization and a circular economy.

Berglind will be speaking at Startup Iceland 2022 on June 3rd at Harpa Conference Center about how ON Power operates and the main challenges that lie ahead.