Circular Economy

Circular Economy in Action in Iceland – #FutureCast Episode 11

There is a circular economy in action in Iceland. We produced a 4 part FutureCast episode on that. The first part is our conversation with HS Orka and Blue Lagoon. Startup Iceland 2022’s theme this year is Circular Economy and Sustainability.

FutureCast: Episode 7 Anna Worthington De Matos, founder and CEO of Reykjavik Tool Library

Sharing tools, teaching people how to fix things and also being an activist on reducing waste. Anna moved to Iceland from the UK but is originally from Brazil, we talk about Circular Economy, sustainability and how to reuse tools.

#FutureCast: Episode 5, Thor Sigfusson, Founder of Iceland Ocean Cluster House

The 5th episode of FutureCast is out. I speak to Thor Sigfusson the founder of Iceland Ocean Cluster House. We talk about Circular Economy, utilization of fish a.k.a 100% Fish, innovation in the seafood sector, how this all started. This episode is part of a series of talks we will have about the Circular Economy.