FutureCast #8: The Composting Company

In this episode of the FutureCast, Bala talks to Björk Brynjarsdóttir and Julian Brenner from the Composting Company (Icelandic: Jarðgerðarfélagið). …

Fear is the mind-killer

Fear is the mind-killer, let it flow through you, become self aware and look inside yourself. Radical self enquiry and non-violent communication is the best way to get back on track when fear has derailed your thought process.

Startup vs Entrepreneurship

While we are excited to see all the guests, founders, participants and festivities surrounding Startup Iceland 2015, it is in …

A Day with Andri Snaer Magnason

Andri Snaer Magnason is an author, activist, poet and entrepreneur. I had a whole day with him and we spoke about many things. I am so glad that he was not rescued by a job in one of the aluminum smelters in Iceland.

The imposter syndrome

The imposter syndrome

I saw Birdman last week. It was superb, Michael Keaton was incredible. It is a movie about a movie star famous for …


I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror  I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways  And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer  …