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The Mind, mental health and public healthcare

WHO has published a new report on the status of Mental Health and Mental Healthcare around the world and the result is not good. Most countries are falling short and the need is only growing rapidly. There are several solutions in the market that can help but they are not part of the mainstream healthcare.

Startup Iceland 2022 – Mentoring Sessions

Startup Iceland 2022 Mentoring Session Gallery, one of the most valuable activities that founders can do is engage with a diverse group of mentors to share their ideas and get insights.

Gunnar Holmsteinn – Founders Panel – SI2022

Gunnar Holmsteinn Co-founder and CEO of Quest Portal will join the Founders Panel in Startup Iceland 2022. It has been almost 13 years since I first met Gunni and it is fantastic to see him grow and build and create.

Circular Economy in Action – Part 4

The 4th part of the Circular Economy in Action we talk to James Hall of Stolt Sea Farm, a land based fish farm that utilizes the unique water and resources in Iceland to grow fish for export to the US

Brad Burnham – Speaker Profile – SI2022

Brad Burnham will participate in Startup Iceland 2022. Brad is the other VC who came to Iceland on the inaugural event in 2012. Brad is a friend of Iceland and has shared a lot of insight on how policy matters for innovation and I am excited to listen to him

Brad Feld – Speaker profile – SI 2022

Brad Feld is participating in Startup Iceland 2022. The idea of building a startup community started with me reading Brad’s blog in 2012 and writing to him and as they say the rest is history.

Circular Economy in Action – Part 3

Carbon Recycle International was started over 16 years ago to take CO2 from a geothermal power plant and convert that into Fuel to be used. In the 3rd part of Circular Economy in Action, we cover CRI

This is the way

Startup Iceland is a way to build an international network for founders and investors. Mentoring sessions are facilitated by the Startup Iceland Organizing team to enable a first-come-first-served-one-on-one mentoring session with the speakers and mentors

Circular Economy in Action – Part II

Sustainable technologies like what Orf Genetics in Iceland has created can dramatically reduce the cost of producing protein and even more exciting is that no animals are killed to produce these proteins.

Tugce Ergul – Speaker Profile – SI2022

Tugce Ergul the founding partner of Angel Labs will be a speaker in Startup Iceland 2022. Tugce has overseen more than $100m in investments in over 40 countries and an evangelist for Angel investing.

Star Simpson – Speaker Profile – SI2022

Star Simpson the founder and CEO of ThereCraft will be a speaker in Startup Iceland 2022. ThereCraft is YC company and Star has been in Iceland building the company since 2018.

Talking about the Optimistic Future

There is plenty of things to be optimistic about the future. The energy transition is happening, transportation transition is happening and more importantly founders are focusing on solving these challenges.

Om Malik – Speaker Profile – SI2022

Om Malik partner emeritus with True Ventures will speak in Startup Iceland 2022. Om loves Iceland and he has taken some stunning pictures of Iceland while he has been here. I am delighted to get him back.

Dr.Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir – Speaker Profile – SI2022

Dr. Edda Sif Ping Aradottir, the CEO of Carbfix the winner of 2 separate Milestone Prizes in the first 2 rounds of the $100M XPrize Carbon Removal incentive award funded by Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation will speak in Startup Iceland 2022