Star Simpson is the Founder and CEO of ThereCraft. She will be a speaker in Startup Iceland 2022.


ThereCraft operates drones as a service, carrying payloads to precise locations. The company provide spatial precision, whether carrying parcels for delivery, or for sensing and data collection. The company’s core expertise in aerodynamic engineering has furnished a platform that allows for both on- and off-airport unscheduled efficient courier operations.

Now the back story, how did I meet Star? Well, Star Simpson is a YC17 founder. I was asked to meet her by Om and Aziz and I did. We spoke a lot about why she is in Iceland and how is she finding Iceland as the best place to test and build out drones as a service. She is still in Iceland and she informed me that the company now has 2 customers in Iceland. What Star is building is difficult and hard problem, Iceland provides a country and a market to build, test and launch a product that users want.

I think the last mile delivery and even carrying payloads to precise location today is not a sustainable model. Drones can solve this problem. The technology has come a long way to make this possible. I am happy to see this being built in Iceland by a founder from Silicon Valley because Iceland was the best place to make this happen. What are the other services that we have not yet thought about or doing unsustainable that can be tested and built out of Iceland?