Gunnar S. Magnússon is partner and head of the sustainability & climate at Deloitte Iceland and also part of the Nordic leadership team.

Deloitte is a leading consultant for companies and public bodies on a sustainable future, how to respond to climate change and reduce carbon emissions and carbon offsets in a financial, transparent and sustainable way.

Gunnar is an accomplished and results-oriented sustainability executive with 15+ years of experience in finding new ways to promote economic, environmental, and social strategies and investment opportunities. Gunnar graduated from Gonzana University with a Bs degree in international relations and with a MS in European political economy at London School of Economics. Throughout his professional career Gunnar has overseen the implementation of sustainability and investment strategies to drive international innovative growth with investors, banks, and insurance businesses. Gunnar is highly passionate about sustainability and climate action, his aim is to help the world in becoming climate neutral by mobilizing the private sector (in particular finance) in this direction.

Gunnar will be our main climate consultant speaker at Startup Iceland 2022 in Harpa Conference hall on June 3rd.