Om Malik is no stranger to Iceland or Startup Iceland, he first came to SI2015 and then in SI2017 and remotely on SI2019. I love Om, he is a good friend and a mentor and a brother. I have been trying for years to convince Om to come and live in Iceland for an extended period of time but his love for SF and other commitments keep this from happening. I am sure one of these days I will succeed. I am delighted to say that Om will once again participate in Startup Iceland 2022.

Om currently is partner emeritus in True Ventures. His love for photography is the reason I am always able to take credit for getting him to Iceland, but the truth is Om loves Iceland. He loves walking all over Iceland and taking pictures. If you have not seen the pictures he has taken in Iceland you definitely should. Om is also full of wisdom and I always encourage founders to talk to him. Here is Om sharing wisdom on what it means to build a startup in 2015.