Our agenda is to build an antifragile entrepreneurial ecosystem

through best practice tools, resources and advice for Iceland

How do we build sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems?

We are sure every country, city and town is asking this question given the devastation the financial crisis of 2008 has left on the world economies. History has shown that entrepreneurs are builders and creators of valuable resources for their communities. Small entrepreneurial companies create more jobs than large companies, and jobs are the economic engine of every society.

With that background we asked ourselves, are there best practices, methods and learning strategies that we could apply in our community here in Iceland? 

Are there examples of entrepreneurs who have solved this challenge, or tried and failed? How can we learn from this experience?

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I remember in 2009, when I decided that I wanted to learn more about entrepreneurs in Iceland and I wanted to meet with Entrepreneurs, I went to a place called the “House of Ideas“, which was a coworking space that was set up by the Art School of University of Iceland with support from the…

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Hardware products are really hard to get right. I was reading an article where Jonathan Ives, the VP of Design at Apple was stating that the new designers are not spending enough time learning to work with material. To quote from the article “So many of the designers that we interview don’t know how to…

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I have seen enough bashing of the education system and schools that I want to write about it. I had an interesting exchange in twitter yesterday. @jokull 1/there is always a middle ground. Building your network and relationships happen in schools don't underestimate that in your career — Bala Kamallakharan (@BalaInIceland) November 17, 2014 @jokull…

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I think it is important to start with big vision, but have the courage to narrow the problem down to a small enough value that you can build it, validate it and also create value for your customer. I meet many startup founders who are doing something that is in either of the extremes. What I…

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I was invited to give a lecture to the class of MBA students at Reykjavik University. The topic I am going to talk about is “There is no Competition“. I believe in putting first things first. When you are at the early stage of building a company or product or service, the most destructive thing…

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CEO’s job is really hard. It is not because of the responsibilities that come with it, but because you need to have enough empathy and compassion to see things from every stakeholders perspective. After that analysis, you still need to make a tough call that may piss off some or most of the people. When…

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