The High-Flying Carrier Joins the Startup Ecosystem for an Exciting Journey of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Attention all entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, and tech aficionados! We are proud to announce PLAY airlines as one of our Gold Sponsors for Startup Iceland 2023. This high-flying carrier is joining forces with the Icelandic startup community to fuel the innovative spirit of the annual event. At Startup Iceland, we aim to bring together brilliant minds, cutting-edge technologies, and promising startups to foster a vibrant and thriving ecosystem. With PLAY airlines on board, we’re set to soar to even greater heights.

About PLAY airlines

PLAY airlines is a modern, low-cost airline based in Iceland, operating across various European and North American destinations. As a game-changer in the airline industry, PLAY airlines is committed to providing affordable, safe, and enjoyable travel experiences to its passengers. The company’s innovative approach, customer-centric focus, and passion for sustainability make it a perfect fit for our Gold Sponsor lineup.

Why PLAY airlines is a Perfect Fit for Startup Iceland

PLAY airlines’ partnership with Startup Iceland 2023 signifies the company’s commitment to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. As a Gold Sponsor, PLAY airlines will be sharing its expertise and resources with the startup community. Here are a few reasons why their participation is a perfect match:

  1. Shared Values: Both Startup Iceland and PLAY airlines share a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. These shared values make for a synergistic partnership that will contribute to the success of the event.
  2. Industry Disruption: PLAY airlines’ disruptive business model aligns with Startup Iceland’s mission to foster innovation and challenge the status quo. By supporting the event, PLAY airlines is helping to create a platform for budding entrepreneurs to think outside the box and create meaningful change.
  3. Networking Opportunities: As a Gold Sponsor, PLAY airlines will be actively involved in the event, providing unique networking opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. Attendees will have the chance to connect with the airline’s team and learn from their experiences in the aviation industry.
  4. Mentorship: PLAY airlines’ seasoned executives and professionals will offer valuable insights and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the challenges of the startup world.

What to Expect at Startup Iceland 2023

Startup Iceland 2023 promises to be an action-packed event filled with inspiring talks, hands-on workshops, and engaging panel discussions. This year’s conference will focus on key areas like fintech, edtech, health tech, artificial intelligence, and sustainability.

As a Gold Sponsor, PLAY airlines will play a vital role in shaping the event’s content and direction. Their unique perspective on innovation and customer-centricity will provide valuable insights for startups looking to disrupt their respective industries. Attendees can expect thought-provoking conversations and practical advice from PLAY airlines’ team members.

In Conclusion

We are thrilled to welcome PLAY airlines as a Gold Sponsor for Startup Iceland 2023. This dynamic partnership promises to elevate the event to new heights, propelling the Icelandic startup ecosystem forward. We look forward to collaborating with PLAY airlines and thank them for their unwavering support in nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. Get ready to take off with Startup Iceland 2023 and PLAY airlines!