Startup Iceland is a yearly event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from various industries to share knowledge, network, and explore new opportunities. This year, one of the speakers and mentors at the event is Sigurður Ásgeir Árnason, commonly known as Siggi, who is the co-founder and CEO of Overtune, a music video creation platform.

Overtune is a unique platform that allows users to create short-form music videos without any musical background. It has gained massive popularity and scaled globally, with a team of 11 members and a pre-seed & seed round raised from notable investors like Nick Gatfield (former CEO at Sony Music UK), Gabe Jagger (son of Mick Jagger), Charles Huang (founder at Guitar Hero), and Brunnur Ventures.

Siggi is an experienced entrepreneur and leader with a passion for music and technology. He has played a vital role in the success of Overtune, from the initial idea to its growth into a global platform. He brings his extensive knowledge of the music and tech industries to the table, and his insights are invaluable to anyone looking to build a successful startup.

Apart from his entrepreneurial skills, Siggi is also a lover of cats and an avid jazz piano player. He understands the importance of balancing work and personal life and can guide entrepreneurs on how to achieve it. He will be sharing his experience, insights, and tips on how to build and scale a startup at Startup Iceland.

As a speaker and mentor at Startup Iceland, Siggi’s presence will undoubtedly add value to the event. Attendees can expect to learn from his experience and gain valuable insights on entrepreneurship, the music industry, and building a global startup. His passion for technology, music, and creativity is infectious, and he is sure to inspire anyone looking to embark on the entrepreneurial journey.

Siggi’s participation as mentor at Startup Iceland is a great opportunity for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, the music industry, or building a global startup. His experience, knowledge, and passion will undoubtedly add value to the event, and attendees can expect to learn a lot from him. We look forward to hearing from him at Startup Iceland.