I am thrilled to introduce Stefan Baxter, my friend, a serial entrepreneur, technologist, and the Founder and CEO of QuickLookup and Smart Data, who will be speaking at Startup Iceland 2023. With a passion for building large data models and multi decade experience as a data nerd, Stefan is an AI enthusiast who is excited about the potential of AI and its democratization. I have known Stefan since I started working with founders in Iceland and just before I founded Startup Iceland. 

Stefan has a remarkable founder journey that spans several successful startups, and he is a seasoned mentor and speaker who can inspire and guide entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. He has a unique perspective on the startup landscape, having built and sold companies in diverse industries.

At Startup Iceland 2023, Stefan will share his insights and experiences as an entrepreneur, mentor, and technologist. He will speak about his journey, the challenges he faced, and the lessons he learned along the way. Stefan’s talk will also delve into his current projects at QuickLookup and Smart Data, where he is applying his expertise in data modeling and AI to revolutionize the way businesses access and use data. Stefan has written a bit about his perspectives on data and A.I.

As an AI evangelist, Stefan firmly believes in democratizing the power of AI and making it accessible to everyone. He envisions a future where AI is a tool for social and economic progress, and he is working tirelessly towards that goal. Stefan started an Operational AI company in 2013, I have always wondered what would have Stefan done if he had been in Silicon Valley. We are lucky he is Icelandic and loves the aspect of building the founder and startup community in Iceland. His talk at Startup Iceland 2023 will be an opportunity to learn about his vision, his approach, and his insights into the future of AI.

Stefan’s passion for technology and entrepreneurship is contagious, and his experience and expertise make him a valuable mentor for startups. His talk at Startup Iceland 2023 will be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn from one of the best in the business and gain inspiration and insight into what it takes to build and grow a successful startup.

I am excited to welcome Stefan Baxter as a speaker and mentor at Startup Iceland 2023. His journey as an entrepreneur, his expertise in AI, and his passion for democratization make him an invaluable asset to the startup community. I cannot wait to hear what he has to share with us and how he can help fellow entrepreneurs achieve their goals.