Discover the groundbreaking technology that’s helping people with limited mobility reclaim their digital lives

We are thrilled to announce that Miri Berger, the CEO and Co-founder of 6Degrees, will be a featured speaker at Startup Iceland 2023. As the driving force behind an innovative startup that’s revolutionizing the way people with limited mobility interact with technology, Miri is a prime example of how ingenuity, dedication, and compassion can create life-changing solutions. Iceland Venture Studio is proud to have supported 6Degrees as one of its early investors and is excited to share Miri’s incredible journey with the Startup Iceland community.

About Miri Berger

Miri Berger is a talented engineer and passionate entrepreneur who has devoted her career to creating cutting-edge technologies that improve lives. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and a Master’s degree in Integrated Digital Media from New York University. Miri’s experience includes working as a product designer and software engineer for various companies before co-founding 6Degrees.

6Degrees: Empowering People with Limited Mobility

6Degrees was born out of a personal connection to the challenges faced by people with limited mobility. 6Degrees was co-founded by a couple, Aryeh Katz and Miri Berger, two Israeli army veterans. Aryeh, who is CTO of 6Degrees was wounded during his military service. During his rehabilitation period they experienced first-hand the challenges that arise from physical pain as well as the loss independence or reliance on others for daily tasks.

The innovative technology behind 6Degrees is a wearable device that uses motion sensors to detect and translate the user’s arm movements into cursor control. By wearing the device on their arm, users can navigate digital interfaces such as smartphones, computers, and tablets, allowing them to communicate, work, and stay connected with the world. The device is designed to be intuitive, customizable, and easy to use, making it a valuable tool for those with disabilities and limited mobility.

Startup Iceland 2023: A Platform for Innovation

Startup Iceland is an annual event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders to share ideas, forge connections, and celebrate the spirit of innovation. As a speaker, Miri will delve into her experiences co-founding 6Degrees, the challenges she faced in creating an accessible technology, and the lessons she learned along the way. Her story will inspire and motivate the audience to pursue their own entrepreneurial passions and make a difference in the world.

Join Us in Celebrating Miri Berger and 6Degrees

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Miri Berger speak at Startup Iceland 2023. Her dedication to improving the lives of people with limited mobility, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her groundbreaking work with 6Degrees serve as a testament to the power of technology and human ingenuity. Join us in celebrating her achievements and learn how you, too, can drive change and make a lasting impact in the world of innovation.

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