David Shapiro, the Co-Founder and CEO/CFO of OPEN, a pioneering venture capital fund supported by the New York Stock Exchange, is a visionary in the world of finance. With a diverse background in investment banking, strategic advising, and real estate, David is driving innovation and democratization in the venture ecosystem. He will be taking the stage at Startup Iceland 2023 alongside Bre Pettis and Bala Kamallakharan to discuss the future of entrepreneurship.

David Shapiro’s career began at Goldman Sachs, where he played a key role in transformative deals, such as Dell’s reemergence to the public markets in a ~$24 billion transaction and Bentley Systems’ ~$8 billion listing. His expertise in marketplace and internet sectors contributed to successful sell-side transactions, including THLee’s contemplated sale of Auction.com and the Daily Mail and General Trust’s sale of EDR to SilverLake.

At Cathexis Holdings, David analyzed strategic development timelines for Suffolk Downs, one of the largest private real estate projects in the United States. He also evaluated opportunities in the green energy sector and advised on deals for Yondr, a joint venture focused on establishing data centers.

In 2021, David co-founded OPEN with Dr. Aron D’Souza to address the gap in the venture capital ecosystem. OPEN builds low-fee, publicly traded venture funds, democratizing venture capital and enabling large-scale institutional participation.

David Shapiro’s journey from investment banking to strategic advising and the founding of OPEN exemplifies his commitment to transforming venture capital. With his expertise and innovative approach, David is reshaping the industry. We are excited to have him participate in Startup Iceland 2023, where he will share his insights on the future of entrepreneurship.