Aðalheiður Hreinsdóttir, also known as Heiða, is the CEO and founder of LearnCove.
LearnCove is an Icelandic software company that provides innovative solutions for employee
training, tracking of processes and audits. Since its founding in 2016, it has become a known
solution for businesses and organizations throughout Iceland.

Heiða and her team aim to help seafood companies enhance their quality procedures while
offering digital training for employees both at sea and on land. The platform is currently put
to use by a diverse range of companies in the fishing sector, both in Iceland and
internationally. The software provides automatic language support in 136 languages and
was created as a global platform. The software is designed to be highly customizable,
allowing organizations to tailor it to their specific needs and workflows. This level of flexibility
has helped LearnCove become a go-to solution for many Icelandic companies and

LearnCove’s journey is based on Heiða´s background in education, technology and
engineering. The platform started out as a way to revolutionize online education, offering
customizable solutions to meet different needs of learners. Her background in computer
science has allowed her to lead a team to create a platform that is both user-friendly and
technologically advanced. Her experience from teaching courses while in University gave
her insight into the needs of learners and the challenges they face in the classroom.

Heiða has always been driven by a passion for education and technology. After earning a
mixed degree in computer science and engineering from the University of Reyjavík, she
worked as a software engineer for Icelandic companies and as a research scientist at
Fraunhofer USA CESE (Center for Experimental Software Engineering). However, she soon
realized that her true calling was in creating software that could help companies collaborate,
grow and optimize training and processes.

LearnCove is at an exciting time in their growth as they have quadrupled the number of
customers within last year, and expect to double the number of employees in the next two
years. Heiða believes the company has benefited tremendously from the insight and
experience of the impressive set of investors they have. The shareholders guidance will be
valuable in LearnCove’s growth outside of Iceland.