We are thrilled to announce that Isaac Kato will be one of the speakers and mentors at Startup Iceland 2023. Isaac is a serial entrepreneur, angel and venture investor, and former Managing Director of Techstars Seattle. He is also a co-founder of Verne Global Data Center, a company that provides high-performance computing and data storage solutions to businesses worldwide. Verne Global was started in Iceland and Isaac will share his founder story of more or less starting the Data Center industry in Iceland.

Isaac has a wealth of experience in the startup world, having co-founded several successful companies and invested in many others. He has a keen eye for spotting innovative ideas and helping startups turn them into reality. He has lived in Iceland and was one of the early board members at CCP Games when he was with General Catalyst. He is a big fan of Iceland and fly fishing. Isaac was also one of the speaker of the very first Startup Iceland in 2012. Isaac is a friend and has an incredible network and all founders should know him.

At Techstars Seattle, Isaac was responsible for guiding and mentoring the accelerator’s portfolio companies. He worked closely with startups in various industries, from healthcare to virtual reality, helping them refine their business models and secure funding.

As an angel and venture investor, Isaac has invested in a variety of startups across different sectors, including B2B SaaS, AI/ML, games and games infrastructure, healthcare, Femtech, and e-commerce. He has made angel investments in several startups founded by Icelanders, including Mainframe Industries, Klang, and Treble. He has a proven track record of identifying high-potential startups and providing the necessary resources, networks, and support to help them grow.

In addition to his impressive track record in the startup world, Isaac is also an advocate for sustainable and ethical business practices. At Verne Global Data Center, he has championed the use of renewable energy sources to power the company’s data centers, making it one of the greenest data centers in the world.

Isaac’s diverse experience and expertise make him a valuable addition to the Startup Iceland 2023 speaker lineup. We are excited to hear his insights and learn from his experiences, and we hope you are too. Join us in Iceland in 2023 to hear Isaac speak and connect with other startup enthusiasts from around the world.