Building endurance

Building Endurance in your company is a function of Mission, Vision, Values and Leadership. It is easier to define when you are in the Startup stage but very difficult to keep focus on. Large companies fall because they take their focus away from it.

End Poverty

My mission to end poverty by building sustainable antifragile startup ecosystems around the world, starting with Iceland

Permission less Innovation

We need a place where we can innovate without permission. Legislation and regulation is needed but we also need to experiment to face the challenges of the future

Startup Energy Reykjavik

Iceland has one of the best infrastructures period. I don’t have concrete data to back up that claim, but I …

Disrupting the Food Industry

I read this interesting tweet by Vinod Khosla, one of the Co-founders of Sun Microsystems and then of Klein Perkins …

Iceland Seafood Cluster

I have been writing a lot about Entrepreneurship and Startups, but I am not a big fan of the Cluster …

Women in Technology

There is a lot of coverage and tweets about Sheryl Sandberg‘s new book “Lean In” and for the decision Marissa …

Startup Slovenia

I was invited by Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) Ljubljana, Slovenia as a keynote speaker for Investor Day …