Part 1 - Sun
If you have not seen the announcement by Elon Musk on April 30th, you definitely should. Elon Musk announced the solution to global CO2 problem. What is even more impressive is the scalability of the solution. I had written about this a while back, I called it Project Solaris. I believe very strongly that Iceland has an Solar Real Estate Needimportant role to play in this. Kudos to Elon to actually bring that vision to life. I was confident before but I am certain now that we are no longer going to rely on fossil fuel in the future. Here is the video of his announcement:

Batteries Suck todayI am excited by this announcement, and as Elon said he is going to open source the technologies so many companies can be built to solve this global challenge. I see the end game and I am a true believer that Iceland has a very important role to play, I have been building to execute on this plan that I envisioned in 2009 and I am 6 years in. Elon has just accelerated the plan by about a decade. I am really looking forward to playing Gigafactory1my part in this global transformation and changing the world. I believe we can manufacture greener and cleaner batteries in Iceland similar to the ones that Elon Musk is building in Nevada in his GigaFactory1. It would be great to build GigaFactory2 in Iceland using all the renewable energy that is available. I think it is a much better way to export renewable energy from Iceland. I took a stab at implementing this solution in my previous role but I failed, however I am more convinced about this than I have ever been.