After a 2 year hiatus, Startup Iceland is back on the calendar this year. The event will be on June 3rd in Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center. The theme for this year is Circular Economy and Sustainability. Founders and Entrepreneurs are in the forefront of solving the climate challenges we are facing. I am confident that given the attention and investment we will solve this problem. We will bring attention to founders and companies who are working on incorporating the circular economy and sustainability into what they do. We have been covering the concept of Circularity for some time in the Startup Iceland Blog because we think it is extremely important. It is not just important for those companies working on it, we think it is important for everyone. We need to find a way to live with one of the largest changes that we are witnessing as it relates to the climate.

We will have TED style talks given by founders, investors and leaders on this topic and there will be plenty of opportunity to connect and network with the Startup Community in Iceland. Since the inception of Startup Iceland we have involved the entire stack of the community in Iceland to participate in the event and we plan to do the same this year. We will also host the First-come-first-served Mentoring Sessions for those who are participants in the event. The mentors will be the speakers and influencers and leaders from the community. This has always been a popular and sought after activity as anyone who is in the audience gets a chance to meet and network with the speakers in the event.

We are also working with University of Southern California Sustainability class to make Startup Iceland the most sustainable conference in the world. Watch this space for how we plan to do that and for how you can participate. I am very excited about getting the show back on the road. The pandemic has been hard on many people but it also showed how resilient and innovative the startup community in Iceland is. The mission of Startup Iceland is to build a sustainable and anti-fragile startup community and the event is one of the glues to make this mission possible. I am happy that Iceland has become a vibrant startup community and I am also happy to have us moved forward. We plan to also invite participants from all the other startup communities to participate in Startup Iceland this year. Watch this space for more information.