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The Art of Learning

As Startup Iceland is fast approaching. I usually get the butterflies in my stomach, hair raising in the back of …

Investor Relations

We have a guest blog by Danielle Pamela Neben. Danielle is on the Board of Directors at Landsbanki and brings …

Becoming a Mindful Founder

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, …

Scaling a business

Launching a competition for the first time in Iceland on scaling a business – #Stökkpallurinn #StartupIceland #Vodafone

Accelerating Iceland

In a few short years we have changed the hearts and mind of everyone in Iceland about startups and entrepreneurship. The next phase of Startup Iceland is to ask the question how do we scale global companies from Iceland

Meta Learning

Entrepreneurship, Startup founding and investing in Startups is the best way to inject yourself with a steroid for meta-learning and …

Beating Diabetes Again

I was diagnosed with Prediabetes when I was 33 or 9 years back. This was just when we had decided …

Building endurance

Building Endurance in your company is a function of Mission, Vision, Values and Leadership. It is easier to define when you are in the Startup stage but very difficult to keep focus on. Large companies fall because they take their focus away from it.

Billions in Change

Founders doing things to change the world for the better. Example here is Billions in Change by Manoj Bhargava, the founder of 5 hour energy. He is investing in technology to solve 3 large problems, Water, Energy and Health.

Fear is the mind-killer

Fear is the mind-killer, let it flow through you, become self aware and look inside yourself. Radical self enquiry and non-violent communication is the best way to get back on track when fear has derailed your thought process.

Penny wise and pound foolish

As a founder you are juggling many things, the biggest challenge is being penny wise and pound foolish. Don’t be make sure you are investing time and money in the right things.

Raw Food SOS

I guess you can officially label me as obsessed with Food now. I am consuming so much information about Food, …

Hulda Hreiðarsdóttir

Life is short. Don’t waste your time. Live in the moment, Love the people around you and what you do, …

How to build effective Startup Boards

Having a board that supports the founder is paramount in building a startup. If your board is not with you then you need to quickly work on Sales. There is nothing that fixes board problems like sales and revenue