Amazon Web Service is sponsoring a workshop during Startup Iceland 2019. The workshop is going to be conducted by Anton Popovine and Arni Birgisson. Anton works as a Startup Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services. Having had experience both being a Founder & CTO and working as a software engineer for larger companies, he is now helping startups in the Nordics to build awesome products in the cloud. It is a day long workshop and if you are startup founder or a developer working in a startup or a developer working in any entity and want to learn how to leverage technology you need to attend this workshop.

You need to have a ticket to attend Startup Iceland conference to attend this workshop, just like the mentoring sessions. The workshop is to be held at Reykjavik University.

Here is the description of the workshop:

Serverless workshops for start-up

Serverless is a new computing paradigm for the cloud that removes the responsibility of managing servers from the startup or development team, allowing them to focus on writing code that adds actual value to their product.

This makes serverless a perfect match for startups or any development team looking to ship their prototype or MVP quickly and iterate to product market fit as fast as possible.

In this full day hands-on workshop for developers we will introduce serverless application development and dissect best practices based on our experience working with many of our successful startups.

Find more information about this “Wild Rydes” workshop here.

Hands on workshop during Startup Iceland on Serverless Development

You will become a developer new hire of Wild Rydes Inc. a fictional start-up rumored to disrupt the ride-sharing space as we know it.

Target audience: Startup Founders and Developers. Familiarity with AWS services not required.

What you will learn:

  • How to build a serverless web application.
  • How to orchestrate serverless workflows.
  • How to set-up a ci/cd pipeline for serverless and which tools to use.

More info about the workshop can be found here

Suggested agenda:

09h – 11h: build a serverless webapp
11h – 13h: build a serverless image processing app
13h – 14h: lunchbreak
14h – 18h: serverless DevOps workshop