Soft Landing to Scale

Startups need scale. Iceland is perfect to test and validate ideas and India is perfect market to scale. We are launching a new “Soft Landing to Scale” collaboration between Iceland and India for startups.

Stökkpallurinn II

Stokkpallurinn, is a business scaling competition sponsored by Vodafone Iceland and Startup Iceland. Read more for instructions on how to apply.

The Socratic paradox

How Socrates Can Help Your Startup

Socratic method can help startups learn more about the assumption of the startup. Pushback by others should force entrepreneurs to refine the business model

Scaling a business

Launching a competition for the first time in Iceland on scaling a business – #Stökkpallurinn #StartupIceland #Vodafone

Accelerating Iceland

In a few short years we have changed the hearts and mind of everyone in Iceland about startups and entrepreneurship. The next phase of Startup Iceland is to ask the question how do we scale global companies from Iceland

Building a Monopoly

I think I have listened and read Peter Thiel‘s book Zero to One about a 100 times now. There are …

Building Unicorns

I have been thinking about building Billion $ companies in Iceland for sometime now. A Billion $ company in Iceland is …

Traction trumps everything

Traction trumps everything, there is nothing else. I don’t care what anyone says. So what is this traction thing? well, …