The second episode of #FutureCast – How to build the future from Iceland conversation is with Hjalmar Gislason, the Co-founder and CEO of Grid. I have known Hjalli for a long time. I think I met him in 2009 when he had just founded DataMarket. He has always been open to share his experience so other founders can learn from him. He has been a mentor and speaker in a number of Startup Iceland events. Hjalli is a veteran serial entrepreneur and Grid is his 5th venture. We talk about a number of things, the beginnings, what inspires him? what should founders do when they are trying raise capital etc

It was a fun conversation about his entrepreneurial journey. Hjalli also wrote a very detailed post about Grid’s Series A raise. I am doing these #FutureCast Video/Podcast as a way to inspire founders to continue to build. We need to work hard to build the future, Iceland is slowly becoming an ideal place to build your startup from. Hjalli used to live in Boston and was building DataMarket from there but decided to move to Reykjavik to start Grid.

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