Brad Feld Co-founder of Techstars talking about his life and depression

I am such a fan of the work Techstars as an organization does for founders and entrepreneurs. Techstars has developed a four part series on Entrepreneurship and Mental Health. I have been open about my own struggles and what is even more important is I have seen founders that I work with go through depression and burn out. For some of them I have been a punching bag as well, which is fine and it is part of the role as I have told myself. I have come to realize that I can no longer be the punching bag, I have tried to be positive and generous and empathetic, however I have realized a while back it is not my role to fix the challenges the founders go through. That is the main reason I have tried to bring leadership coaches like Jerry Colonna and use Startup Iceland as a platform to bring attention to this challenge faced by the Founder community.