I have signed up for YC Startup School and I have encouraged all our portfolio companies to join YC Startup School as well. In case you did not know Iceland Venture Studio has invested in 3 companies and are in discussions with our 4th company. It was interesting for me to see that only 4 companies have signed up from Iceland and there was only 1 other company than our portfolio companies. The deadline has been extended to August 4th, so if you are a startup founder you can still sign up and learn!

The scale of this class is amazing,

I believe that every startup irrespective of which stage they are in can learn something new from participating in this class. More importantly the group discussions and the engagement with founders in all different parts of the world only makes what you are building get better and global feedback. Continuous learning is the best way to hedge the risk of doing a startup.

Here are some classic essays on Staying Alive and yes, I love that song from Bee Gees and the movie Saturday Night Fever