26738b413df7fb46In continuation of our effort to help startups and founders. We are creating a marketplace for Startup Jobs in Iceland. If you are a startup and looking to hire someone, you can post your requirements here for FREE. If you are looking to work in Iceland in a Startup, you can post your background here again for FREE. This is a community initiative and will be regulated by the community. We are trying out this experiment because we have been getting a lot of interest from people wanting to work in Iceland but don’t know how to apply or contact a startup. Here is our first attempt. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me. We have been slowly creating the building blocks for a vibrant startup community in Iceland. I would like to thank Siggy, for making all the things that happen in startupiceland.com seem so easy. He is the magic behind how quickly we are able to get a lot of our ideas to life. Once again, thank you siggy. You are a magician.

Now, coming back to the Startup Job Marketplace idea. We have been seeing a proliferation of Startups in Iceland. Another bunch of companies have been launched from the Startup Energy Reykjavik accelerator and the deadline for the Startup Reykjavik accelerator for last weekend. If you missed it no worries, you can apply to join Founder Institute Reykjavik (yes, we are launching the live semester in May! Yay!) to get ready to apply to the accelerators next year. If you are not that much into founding a company but want to start by working for a startup in Iceland well you know where to go.

Through the Startup Iceland initiative we are giving the power back to you. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from pursuing your vision and your dream.

Here is a how-to video to get you started