Sebastiaan Hooft_9144I met Sebastiaan when he came to Iceland for Seed Forum last year. We hit it off and had a great time talking about our respective paths. Sebastiaan is such a great human being. He is very authentic and genuine and he is a DJ. I am trying to organize a late night party hosted by him at the end of Startup Iceland. If anyone have ideas or networks to organize a music party please contact me. Of course anyone buying tickets to the conference will be automatically allowed to the music party. Anyways, I will keep you updated on the developments on that. Here is a brief profile of Sebastiaan, I am really glad to call him my friend and he is a good friend of Iceland:

Sebastiaan Hooft began his career as a professional speaker in 2012, moving quickly from pro-bono work for startups to his current role as a sought-after presenter at large events.

In 2014 Sebastiaan Hooft did a TEDx Talk at the Dell Center for Entrepreneurship TEDxAmsterdam event. In his talk, Sebastiaan delivers a unique perspective on entrepreneurial life, its impact on health, and strategies for living a healthy, happy existence while thriving in the business world.

Sebastiaan has been featured by Deloitte in their top 100 fastest growing entrepreneurs in Europe and in the Quote Young Richlist. In 2014, US News named him “A consistently successful Dutch entrepreneur.”

He studied entrepreneurship at University of Navarra and nutrition at Stanford University, and he’s an Entrepreneur in Residence at Nyenrode University, Alliander and DJ School Amsterdam.

Top entrepreneurship

Working as an entrepreneur is an extremely high-stress lifestyle that takes its toll both emotionally and physically. Sebastiaan worked high-pressure 80-hour weeks for years, and eventually paid the price in his health. It was a lifestyle that ultimately landed him in the hospital emergency room.

This experience spurred a profound change in his perspective. He ultimately came to realize that health is an important element of any successful entrepreneurial venture: without health, entrepreneurial success remains permanently elusive. Health has become a fundamental part of his mentoring methodology for top entrepreneurs, which is based on five crucial elements: idea, team, planning, resources and health.

Helping others

After hitting rock bottom in terms of his health, Sebastiaan vowed to help others, working to help them avoid the hazards that nearly claimed his life. You can find him as a mentor at events like Startup Weekend.


In his TEDx talks, Sebastiaan shares his experiences and his personal journey, offering valuable insight on the essential nature of emotional and physical health and practical advice on how to achieve a balance between entrepreneurship and health.

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He lives and works in Amsterdam, Dubai and San Francisco, and speaks globally about entrepreneurship and health. Sebastiaan is by far the most experienced and most in-demand mentor and keynote speaker in the field of entrepreneurship and health.