A different kind of Startup accelerator

“Slow down to start up” is the philosophy of a program for entrepreneurs in the Westfjords of Iceland, where mentorship and adventure mix and ideas have a place to grow.

Startup Supernova

Iceland once again has an accelerator and it is called Startup Supernova.

Techstars Startup Week Torino

Participated in Techstars Startup Week in Torino Italy. $100 million was spent in refurbishing an old train repair factory for a co-working space for entrepreneurs. It was great to talk about the vibrant startup community that is developing in Iceland

Stripe Atlas + Startup Iceland

Startup Iceland is partnering with Stripe Atlas. The mission of Startup Iceland has always been about helping Founders and Entrepreneurs. …

Help me to help you

Sometimes I feel like I am in the Jerry Maguire movie. I have been trying to get Founder Institute launched …

Why Make Founders?

I have been running experiments related to Startups and investing in startups in Iceland for the past 6 years. I …

Energy is the next frontier

I saw the movie Interstellar over the weekend. I really liked the movie, facts and science aside, I like the …

To the left of Impossible

This week has been an explosion of ideas, learning and possibilities personally for me. How to Start a Startup class …