Startup Supernova announced the first batch of teams that will go through the accelerator this summer in Iceland. I am happy to see that they have added an English section, as the original announcement did not have it. As I had mentioned before it is wonderful to have an accelerator in Iceland again. The mentor list is impressive and it shows the progress of the startup community in Iceland. The accelerator is a 10 week program housed in the Gróska business growth center, which is now being built in Vatnsmýri, Reykjavík. This is also the venue where we will be hosting Startup Iceland 2020 in October.

The teams are as diverse in what they are trying to solve and it is impressive to observe that there were more than 120 applications and 10 teams were chosen from the list. Here are the teams as described by NorthStack:

BidPare: New and easy way to collect, compare and accept offers. Also, a great way for companies to get in touch with potential customers.

Inch: A mobile-native voice-operated workforce management tool for deskless workers that incorporates task management, time tracking, and communication into one intuitive software product. By piecing together key parts of daily operations, Inch will eliminate inefficiencies for businesses, headaches for managers, and frustration for employees. It puts together emerging technologies and AI, that has previously been solely used for more sophisticated tools.

JustBjorn: Just björn creates organic, tasty, and rejuvenating Icelandic collagen-infused products that support a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe that physical health and beauty begin on the inside, and incorporating Icelandic collagen into your diet can help you feel and look your best.

Lightsnap: Lightsnap is bringing photos back to the photo album, you purchase a film roll in the app and receive 24 pictures to take as if it was a disposable camera. When you have finished taking your photos, we send you printed photos to your home address.

Quick Lookup: Quick Lookup provides easy access to commonly used world-data to Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Software Developers, and data-centric Business Professionals. It does so in ways that suit them perfectly, boosts their productivity, and maximizes the value of the data they gather, process and analyze.

SaniVisionAI: Using novel methods and approaches our aim is to reduce healthcare-associated infections by bringing the technology to the 4th industrial revolution.

Smáforrit: Kennsluappið is an app for smart devices. It will contain many different educational games for different subjects in Icelandic and other languages. There will both be games for learning material and to practice understanding.

Stubbur: Stubbur is a modern ticket buying solution. Stubbur is contactless with no queues, no physical money or paper.

Veiðiland: The concept for Veiðiland is to create a powerful online sales portal for angling licenses and fishing trips in rivers, lakes and boats around the world, similar to if Airbnb or Uber would specialize in selling fishing licenses.

VidCove: Vidcove provides a web interface for owners of visual data to make their content available through reverse image and video search, using visual search technology developed in Iceland.