Decentralized systems are robust and antifragile. The same is true for connectivity. We are fortunate to live in Iceland where there is almost ubiquitous connectivity. However, I wanted to experiment and see if we can build a peer-to-peer network. I have been following Helium since Fred blogged about it last year and I reached out to them last year in November after Fred Wilson shared a discount code to buy Helium Hotspots. The helium team informed me that they were not available in Europe then. I reached out to them again to find out what Brad Feld had done for Boulder and I am shamelessly copying what Foundry Group did.

I am investing in bringing the Helium Network to Iceland. I have ordered 25 Hotspots and with your help, setup a LongFi Network throughout Reykjavik. What is “Helium” you ask? here is a video explanation and also a deep dive into the technology.

I am looking for 20 locations all around Reykjavik to setup the hotspots. All you have to do is connect the Helium Hotspot to the Internet and I will take care of the rest.

If this is interesting to you please fill out the following Reykjavik Helium Hotspot Application. I am only choosing 20 locations and going to spread them out as best as I can, so if you aren’t chosen, and you still want to be part of this, you can always buy a Helium Hotspot directly