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Thomas Edison said that and I just finished reading Steve Case‘s opinion piece on Washington Post, where he refers to that as well. The title of the opinion piece is “Give entrepreneurs room and they will grow the economy“. What is interesting in Steve’s note is that he alludes to how America is loosing its competitive edge in Entrepreneurship and what they are doing about it. A number of bills are being proposed in Congress to support Entrepreneurs, including allowing for Crowd Funding… can this concept work here in Iceland? What is being done in the Parliament to support Entrepreneurs in Iceland? I have the advantage of not being worried about what is discussed in the Parliament because if it was important and affects me, I will hear about it. Never the less, it begs the question. How can Iceland be more competitive in this space? If America the quintessential country for Entrepreneurs is worried about its leadership what should countries in Europe do? What do you think?

Here is what I think needs to be done, first things first, we need to get visibility to the Entrepreneurship community here in Iceland and we need to learn from those who have done this successfully before. It is not enough if we meet amongst ourselves and talk about family politics. We need to invite people who are not part of the system. I have been talking to a bunch of people about organizing a conference and to get my own validated learning I have a sign up page http://signup.startupiceland.com. My goal is to get 500 to 1000 signups then I know we can host a conference and bring prominent investors, entrepreneurs and thinkers in this space so we can learn from them. Couple of ideas on the table are to run a workshop on Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas, A Hack Day and a day of lectures and discussions. All those who have signed up, thank you. You should receive an email shortly requesting your input on a bunch of things. For those who have not signed up, please do and share it with your network, you never know there could be someone who has a job doing something they are not very interested to do but wants to try their hands on Entrepreneurship, it is a great way to start. Learn from the best and other entrepreneurs, find international mentors and networks and launch your dream.

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