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BBC has been doing a documentary on the widening Wealth Gap in the world, I have a problem with the portrayal of the issue. I am not wealthy, far from it so I am not arguing for the sake of taking the opposite opinion, but I just think documentaries need to be unbiased. I had referred to Daniel Kahneman‘s new book Thinking, Fast and Slow. If you have not yet read it I would highly encourage you to get that book into your reading list. He addresses this issue, he says there is a huge difference in income between people because some people care more about having a high income vs those who do not. I am not saying it is a good thing, what is bad is lack of opportunities for those who want to climb the ladder of wealth, if for whatever reason that does not manifest itself then we have social unrest. I believe the opportunities are always there, all the post that I have written about entrepreneurs is geared towards that, I fundamentally believe everybody can do anything they set their mind to. Your focus determines your reality, if we focus on all the unfairness in the world then we feel miserable and depressed, however if one looks at all the opportunities that exist and all the problems that still need to be solved, then one gets a sense of purpose. I have discovered my purpose, I want to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their highest goals. Been doing that in whatever way I can. So if you are an entrepreneur or want to be one, contact me. I am always available to meet entrepreneurs.

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