Another example of how Software based companies are starting to squeeze more value out of traditional industries was highlighted by this Bloomberg article titled “Energy-Saving Software Turns Factories into Power Plants” to me. I have written about how Software is going to be the basis for every industry here and how Iceland can take a lead on this here and my vision for Iceland here. All the engineering principles today will be implemented by Software. No wonder the Mayor of New York City wants to learn to code. If you have not signed up to learn how the software systems work, I highly recommend that you do. There are many startups that make it very easy to learn to code like

Coming back to the article the summary of it is “Viridity Energy make software used by dozens of large facilities in the U.S., including commercial buildings and factories, to manage their energy and Viridity is the first in the U.S. that also lets power guzzlers sell their energy back to the grid”. There is a company in Iceland called ReMake Electric, which is focused on the same problem and has a hardware component that goes with the software and enable households or commercial buildings to optimize their energy use. I know the founder and have met with the team. I advised them to focus more on the software side rather than the hardware side of the business which they have done. They are starting to make in-roads into big commercial enterprises.

If Iceland wants to be a leader in Renewable Energy it is obviously driven by the abundant geothermal energy that is available here but more importantly renewable energy should be govern by smart software that efficiently supplies, utilizes and reuses the energy that we tap from natural sources. Leadership in energy is not driven by abundance, it is driven by smart and sustainable use of Energy.

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