I have been asking this question since the financial collapse of 2008. For those who have been reading this blog since November last year the posts may seem rather random but bear with me there is logic to what I have been writing. Each of the post is geared towards answering the question in the title of this post. Building sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem needs entrepreneurs, as Einstein once said if he were to meet God he would ask the question “Why the world was created? after that everything else is mathematics”. The same is true in for entrepreneurial ecosystem, as long as there is sufficient number of entrepreneurs all other things is just math and effort. I have done my analysis for the past 2 years and we believe Iceland can be a world class incubator for starting companies and to be an entrepreneur. But we want to learn from others who have done this before and to answer the above question ourselves, we plan to organize a conference in the end of May 2012. We are working on Guest list, Agenda and details. The signup page is @signup.startupiceland.com and it has been setup to get feedback from you.

The broad strokes for the conference are to have 2 workshops and a Hack Day before the conference:
1. Workshop on Lean Startup.
2. Workshop on building Business Plans using the Business Plan Canvas.
3. Hack day

The conference itself will feature some prominent Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs who will share their experience and also to give some insight on the above question. Once the guest panel firms up we will share the names and the agenda. In the meanwhile go to the signup page and let us know what you would like to see. In addition, you can share what you did to your network through share page as well and you can track how many people you were able to convince to get involved.

Lets kick off 2012 with being the change we want to see in the world.

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