Startup Iceland Conference

Point Zero – digital transformation of business

Point Zero is a new event focused on the digital transformation of business. Startup Iceland conference was build with creating a sustainable startup ecosystem and events like Point Zero make that happen.

Vodafone Startup Iceland Hackathon

Vodafone Startup Iceland Hackathon opens the door for innovative solutions to be built using the API and Data from an On-Board Diagnostic Device that has been implemented by the Vodafone Iceland Innovation team. Hackathon teams will have an opportunity to really build cool solutions.

Third Wave of Innovation

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson from Innovation Center Iceland on Vimeo. We are slowing starting to get the videos out from Startup …

Be on the Bus With Brad

For those of you who have been following the development, organization and planning, setbacks and triumphs around organizing the Startup …

The Startup is YOU

Here is an excerpt from the column by Thomas Friedman of New York Times with the title The Start-Up of …