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Ingi Björn Sigurdsson

PointZero-web4Point Zero is a new event focused on the digitization of business being hosted in Reykjavik tomorrow. The idea to host this event came when Ingi Björn Sigurðsson the founder and CEO was talking to a number of people and they all wanted to come to Iceland. He had 60 days to put this event together and I think he and his team have hustled and done a great job of bringing this together. I will be participating in the event as the theme is very close to my heart. I believe that business is being transformed every day and with
the advent of mobile devices, ubiquitous connectivity and the changing demography provides a tremendous opportunity to those businesses willing to embrace this change and change with time. The ones that don’t will go the way of the dodo. For more colorful post about this read Dave McClure’s post “Bubble, my ass: Some Unicorns may be overvalued, but all dinosaurs are gonna die

Here is a video from MIT Media labs that started all of this

One of the keynote speaker is Sangeet Choudary. Sangeet is a widely published industry analyst, C-level advisor, educator at leading universities, author of the blog Platform Thinking and Founder and
CEO of Platform Thinking Labs, best known for his work on platform business models and multi-sided network effects. He is also the co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Group at MIT Media Labs, Boston, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD Business School, a Global Fellow at the Centre for Global Enterprise in New York, a speaker at the G20 Summit 2014 in Brisbane and an advisor at 500Startups in Silicon Valley.

The roster of speakers look very impressive and I am looking forward to participating in the event. I encourage all CEOs and Startup Founders to participate. Events like this, that bring people together from diverse background was the basis for Startup Iceland Conference. I think more events and conferences only expands our perspectives. There are two more events that are happening SLUSH and Saga Fest. Watch the space for more information and background on them. Saga Fest Founder Scott wrote about the event here. I believe all these events and meetups maybe, just maybe will help us think and build a better Future.