The future of Air Travel

The future of air travel is not what we experience today. There are alternatives and one company is working to solve this problem and it looks like they will be successful. Boom is bringing supersonic travel back by building a new aircraft with technological advances from other fields like computing, materials and engineering. Exciting times ahead for air travel

Point Zero – digital transformation of business

Point Zero is a new event focused on the digital transformation of business. Startup Iceland conference was build with creating a sustainable startup ecosystem and events like Point Zero make that happen.

Vodafone Startup Iceland Hackathon

Vodafone Startup Iceland Hackathon opens the door for innovative solutions to be built using the API and Data from an On-Board Diagnostic Device that has been implemented by the Vodafone Iceland Innovation team. Hackathon teams will have an opportunity to really build cool solutions.

Building Products Users Love

Hardware products are really hard to get right. I was reading an article where Jonathan Ives, the VP of Design …

Advice is cheap

My last blog post should have kicked some of you off your backside to get stuff done… I know I …