Under 30 CEO is promoting a Venture Tour Iceland, a package tour that I wrote about here. There is a follow up post on “Fixing the Global Economy Through Entrepreneurship and Innovation“. What is exciting to note is that there are young entrepreneurs from all over the world who are starting to show interest to travel to Iceland and participate in Startup Iceland Conference on Building Sustainable Startup Ecosystems. We have reset our scope of the conference,after our sponsor setback but we are more motivated and energetic because of the level of support coming from all over the world. This is overwhelming and exciting. Here are some practical updates about the conference:

The Venue for the Conference is moved to Andrews Theater in Ásbrú in Keflavik – yes, I know it is 40 minutes away but we believe that taking people in Reykjavik out of the comfort zone is a good thing and yes, we are planning on arranging transportation that would allow people to gather in one place and make a road trip of it. Haukur is working on making this a fun trip to the event.

We have a new young speaker Rebecca Kantar, Rebecca is the Founder & CEO of BrightCo, a for-profit social enterprise that leverages the talent and networks of the world’s top young social entrepreneurs (an untapped resource) for leading brands.  Rebecca has served as the CEO of Minga, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the global child sex trade by harnessing the power of teens.  At Minga, Rebecca is launching Stay 13 a campaign to ensure teens get to worry about learning to drive and going to soccer practice—not being sold for sex. Beyond Minga, Rebecca has served as an advisor to Ashoka’s Youth Venture and to DoSomething.org.  For her leadership, Rebecca was awarded the TIME Magazine and Bentley University Tomorrow25 Award and a dozen similar honors. Rebecca won the Staples/Youth Venture Social Entrepreneurship RebeccaKantarHSCompetition Grand Prize and delivered a TEDxTalk.  Most recently, Rebecca was named a Harvard College Faculty Club Fellow and appointed to the U.S. Committee to UNSECO.
We will changing the registration process for the event. For those who have already registered, we will contact you and figure out the best way to modify your purchase for the new changes, if we have not done that already.
The Hackathon is still on May 29th, hosted by Reykjavik University. This is going to be the first Hackathon event hosted by Reykjavik University and I think it is a fantastic way to showcase the awesome programming talent that exists in Iceland and for companies who are looking for talent. We are working on getting GreenQloud, Clara and Videntifier to participate in sharing their challenges and see if the crowd can hack a solution using the APIs and Open Source tools that are available on the Internet now. We are working on some exciting rewards and of course you will get recognition.