For those of you who have been following the development, organization and planning, setbacks and triumphs around organizing the Startup Iceland Conference know the reason why we moved the venue to Andrews Theater in Ásbrú Enterprise Park facility.

We are planning to make this a FUN event, so Brad Feld has agreed to do a Road Trip. We are calling this event “Be on the Bus with Brad“, what we think is going to be cooler is that will be roped into the bus ride and all participants can stream their experience of interacting with Brad Feld onto the Live Project platform to share with their friends who could not make it to the Event. In addition, we are planning to provide the access to to all participants so they can capture their experience the entire time. On the way back we are planning to have a FUN Guitar Party… The team from has agreed to make this a fun, musical trip back to Reykjavik. Of course I am happy to get more suggestions on how we can make the trip to and from Keflavik fun. If you want to ride on that bus, you need to register for the Conference and let us know in the registration notes section that you want to be on the bus. For those who have already registered we will be sending out our email updates with instructions on how you can book your seat on the bus.

For those who think driving 40 minutes is a waste of time, having 40 minutes with Brad and interacting with him and listening to him maybe Rap or maybe dance or perform the top 10 single “I’m a VC“? and others interact is going to be a lot fo fun. There are so many questions one could ask and get wisdom of 25+ years in Entrepreneurship, Investing, Venture Capital formation etc. In case you don’t know Brad is a Voracious Reader, check out his book shelf… so it is highly likely that he has read more books than you and I and everyone in the bus put together. I just want to find out how he manages to do that. Would’nt you?