I always enjoy Steve Blank‘s blog, this one is a classic… I think, because he is talking about his personal experience of being in a War. I think we over emphasize the magnitude of the challenges we face while being an Entrepreneur, I think this blog post is a good reminder that there are things much bigger, more important or with much dire consequences than being an Entrepreneur. So the next time you are facing a really tough time reach out to this post and read the last few paragraphs.


Image Source: Steve Blank Blog via centurywings.com

Captain Jeremiah Costello and his A-7D was the last attack aircraft shot down in the Vietnam War.

Less then ninety days later the air war over Southeast Asia ended.

For the rest of my career when things got tough in a startup (being yelled at, working until I dropped, running out of money, being on both ends of stupid decisions, pushing people to their limits, etc.), I would vividly remember seeing that empty spot on the flightline. It put everything in perspective.

Entrepreneurship is hard but you can’t die.

via Entrepreneurship is hard but you can’t die.