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Techcruch has an article about “What startup to build?”, it is a good thought process on how to get started. In that article there is a reference to YCombinator’s founder Paul Graham’s 30 ideas that Y-Combinator will invest in. If you want to start something and you have the right skillset or a team take my word just pick one of the problems in that list and build something to solve it or read Tim Ferris’s blog posts about how to create a million dollar business, follow his steps and get started. Most of the startup ideas and business plans that I come across seem to me like a solution searching for a problem to solve. That is precisely the wrong way to get started. As Brad Feld wrote about the 3 “I”s – Innovator, Imitator and Idiots, Be an Innovator and not the other two. Seth Levin and a lot of other VCs have written about Ideas, Ideas don’t mean a hill of beans. Anyone can sit down and jot down 10 ideas for a startup, that has never been the problem. The problem is always how do you make it happen? how do you form the team with the right skillset, motivation and drive to execute on that idea? it is much harder than you think. There is a reason why people keep saying that startups are risky, of course they are risky… the risk does not come from the idea, it comes from the lack of market, skill, focus, persistence, drive and execution discipline.

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