I have written about my vision and investment thesis for Iceland. Important element of this thesis is the young and well educated population in Iceland. This blog post is facts and data to support that investment thesis. The first graph shows the number of Doctoral students enrolled in the Universities in Iceland, the trend has been increasing since 2003 so this is not a new phenomena. The second graph shows the number of students in the Masters degree program. The third one shows the total of all students in Universities pursuing basic degree and all the rest. The total stands today 18869. If you consider that the population of Iceland on 1 January 2011 was 318,452 almost 6% of the total population is pursuing University degrees. The final graph is the total education attainment of the population age between 16 to 74 years from the year 2003 the total number in 2010 stood at 222500, which is a very high percentage of the overall population. 
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