Gunnar Holmsteinn will join the Founders Panel on Startup Iceland 2022. Gunni or “Gun-nur” in Silicon Valley is a Tech entrepreneur with a solid track record in building thoughtful teams that deliver viral and community-driven products. He is passionate for the intersection of product development, beautiful design, and data-driven decision-making.  He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Quest Portal. Previously CEO and co-founder of CLARA (Acq. by Jive Software), co-founder and COO at Teatime, and COO at QuizUp (Acq. by Glu).

Gunni was the first founder that I had the privilege to work with. I have written a lot about the journey of CLARA and what is not known is how Startup Iceland paved the way for CLARA’s acquisition. It is wonderful to see Gunni come a whole circle. He has successfully built another team and is building a company that is very interesting. Quest Portal is a platform for tabletop role-playing games. Players design their characters and drop into immersive adventures with friends. Game Masters get helpful storytelling tools and craft experiences that feel like real-time Pixar movies. Dungeons and Dragons is a typical tabletop role-playing game and has millions of players, however it is a very difficult game to get started on if you are a newbie. Quest Portal enables the user on-boarding for games like D&D. I am looking forward to hearing him talk about his founder journey. When I met Gunni almost 13 years back, I was inspired and impressed with his leadership and capacity to learn. I learnt a lot watching him and his team. If you are curious just follow this link to see all the articles and blogs that were written about Team Clara. Startup Iceland is going to be a lot of fun this year and I cannot wait to meet you all in Harpa on June 3rd.