During the Startup Iceland Conference we allow small startups to come up on stage and do a 90 second pitch about their idea in front of the audience. This year we have the following startups pitching

Julie Encausse founder of MAREA.

Marea is working on making innovative biodegradable bioplastics. They use algae to create biodegradable bioplastics. Due to their high-value compounds, algal bioplastics are resistant and durable. Marea states that the key to preventing accumulation in the environment is the need for materials that return to nature by breaking down and decomposing.

SideWind aims to demonstrate the potential of wind energy in decarbonising the container shipping industry. SideWind brings a new concept based on a plug&play, recyclable, practical and cost-effective vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), horizontally arranged, inside a wall-free container to harness the wind energy flowing over cargo ships.

Haukur Guðjónsson

Sundra is a marketing content multiplier for the creator economy that automatically creates multiple content outputs from a single piece of content. Their platform repurposes a single video into a branded video, short video clips, podcast episode, blog post, email copy, social media content, and publishes it to selected social media and marketing platforms with a single click. Their process is 20-50 times faster than when using alternative solutions. Sundra just launched their MVP and it’s currently open for early adopters.

Haraldur Hugoson

The Esports Coaching Academy equips anyone with the tools and knowledge needed to build and maintain healthy, profitable and sustainable youth esports programs. 
To achieve that, ECA educates and certifies coaches to work with kids. Once certified, coaches gain access to an always-up-to-date database filled with physical, social and in-game exercises tailored to fit different ages and skill levels. 
ECA’s vision is to empower kids all over the world through the structured pursuit of gaming.

Íris Baldursdóttir & Eyrún Linnet

Snerpa Power activates Power Intensive Users of electricity by automating and digitizing their load scheduling processes and optimizing their bids in the ancillary service market. This improves the utilization of energy resources, the security of supply and the competitiveness of the electricity market.

Hinrik J. Atlason

Atlas Primer was founded on the vision of creating a learning environment that combined the accessibility and convenience of audiobooks and podcasts, with the interactivity and flexibility offered by voice assistants and smart devices.

The primary goal of Atlas Primer is to increase the availability of quality education through the use of technology, by increasing access, usability and automation. Their approach allows the creation of interactive learning environments with even the simplest of devices and in the most remote locations.

The main goal of e1 is to strengthen the development of infrastructure for electric cars and promote faster energy exchange in transport in Iceland by facilitating the connection of electric car owners to the charging stations. Increasing sustainable energy utilisation is the key goal of e1.

You can see these Founders and many more at Startup Iceland 2022 on June 3rd at Harpa Conference Center.