I am excited to announce another TechStars Mentor and Speaker coming to Startup Iceland 2016. Scott is a good friend of Mark Solon and I so happy that Mark was able to get Scott to come to Iceland in May to participate in Startup Iceland. The incredible quality and background of the mentors and speakers who are coming to Iceland this year is extremely gratifying. I believe it adds tremendous value to the Founders who will participate in Startup Iceland. Get your early bird ticket now! remember you need to have your tickets to schedule a one-on-one session with all the great mentors and speakers who are coming to Iceland this year.

Here is a brief bio of Scott:

Scott’s career has centered on innovative technologies disrupting businesses,beginning with TCP/IP networks (New Mexico State University, 1987), moving to distributed computing (Sun Microsystems, 1989) and followed by Network Intensive, an early ISP (1994) he co-founded that ultimately sold to Verio/NTT. Scott also founded HotSpare (1999), a GIS infrastructure services business. Scott then went to the investor side, first as an angel and then as a founding General Partner at Flywheel Ventures (2004). Scott led investments in disruptive technologies including social media and cloud services. Scott mentored Techstars companies during the initial accelerators run in Boulder. Today, Scott Caruso is the CEO of PureColor, Inc., a company disrupting the wood finishing industry. Scaling a physical products business is significantly different from software, but the company building process is very much the same, as is the approach for disrupting an established, entrenched market. Techstars Venture Fund is an investor in PureColor.