I am inspired by what Meredith Perry has done so far. More recently, uBeam the company she founded raised $10 million and created a big debate in Silicon Valley. I don’t believe we have uncovered all the secrets in this world and I am really happy to see Meredith Perry devoting her time to solve a problem that has been baffling “experts” for so long. I don’t have anything against experts, the only problem as Meredith says in her talk, which I think is true is that they think in binary. Rather than asking the question will this work or will this not work, if we can start asking how do we make this work and start tinkering with ideas I believe we will uncover a lot of value and answers. I think this is the secret to visionary inventors and innovators. Those few who made the leap when everyone told them how it will not work. I am excited to be part of a world that thinks that impossible is nothing.