Startup Energy ReykjavikIceland has one of the best infrastructures period. I don’t have concrete data to back up that claim, but I have almost no memory of a power cut or roads not being clean or no hot or cold water in the house. That is what world class infrastructure should be you just use it without knowing how the magic happens behind the scene. I have written about Geothermal energy harnessed in Iceland and also efforts to make more innovation and distruption in that space. I was excited to learn about Startup Energy Reykjavik, a Startup Reykjavik like Accelerator focused only on Renewable Energy based startups. It is fantastic to see many of the ideas that we talk about come into fruition. The program is run exactly like the Mentorship Driven Accelerator concept pioneered by TechStars and it is being applied to a specific industry vertical. It is great to see many mentors from the Geothermal and Hydro energy background volunteer and participate in this. I am really happy for Arion Bank to have taken the lead on fostering entrepreneurship and investment in this important field. I am volunteering as a Mentor, this is a very important vertical for startups to focus on and to create something new and disrupt the industry.

Here is a video of the Renewable Energy program in Reykjavik University, with Startup Energy Reykjavik we can build new sets of companies that can really make a difference. Building these infrastructures is the key building blocks to building an Antifragile Startup Ecosystem in Iceland. Without this infrastructure GreenQloud could not have been created and there are numerous opportunities and I am really excited to see what problems the entrepreneurial community will take on to solve through this accelerator program.

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