reed-hastings-low-22I got reference to this presentation from one of my colleague at GreenQloud before the Christmas break and I was just smitten. I want to create such a culture in every company that moves from a Startup stage to Growth or established company stage. What is difficult to implement in such a philosophy is that it goes totally against the command and control model that every company employs. I believe very strongly in this philosophy and I am glad Reed Hastings the CEO of Netflix captured it. I am not sure how much of it he has been able to implement in Netflix but even if they got to 50% of that it would be a great achievement. We started to implement this philosophy a while back in GreenQloud and I believe that Culture is your competitive advantage.

I have written a lot about what motivates people who are in the creative, innovative and cognitive type of work.  It is not difficult to see from a leadership or management or even an entrepreneur’s perspective, but it is just too hard to implement. If you are growing your team like we are doing in GreenQloud, it is important to think about these things. The worst blunders are done when the team scaling happens in a company, build a great culture and give the Freedom and Responsibility to your team and you never have to think about it until you get to the next stage of your cycle.

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