Forest Key, the CEO of Buuteeq giving an introduction to buuteeq and also talking about Company culture. We were one of the early investors in Buuteeq and it is exciting to see them go from strength to strength. Buuteeq also moved into a new office and they have over 120 employees worldwide. A great story and we are always pumped to support Entrepreneurs like Forest and his co-founders.

Seattle Waterfront with Space Needle

Seattle Waterfront with Space Needle (Photo credit: jcolman)

I really like Seattle and for those of you who are curious, Seattle is a sister city of Reykjavik and there is a direct flight connection from Iceland to Seattle. GreenQloud announced late last year that we will be establishing our first availability zone outside of Iceland in Seattle, because of the sustainability emphasis in the city. Forest has been a good friend and a mentor to me personally, giving me ideas and tips on being a CEO given that I am a rookie CEO at GreenQloud.